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New Skywalker 2015/1700

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Camera mount and battery compartmentP_20150423_165203_HDR P_20150423_165146_HDR


Custom carry case

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Wilmar International, Indonesia using our drone for their GIS work


Our drone features in the Al Jazeera Earthrise series which also broadcast at our Local Astro satellite TV

Here is the full story

Conservation Drones Tackling deforestation and protecting orangutans with drones in Indonesia.

Our drone appear in National Geographic Channel, together with conservationdrones.org co founder prof Serge wich and prof LianPin Khoo

3D model of oil palm plantation

An aerial view of Bretam Velley flood disaster

In search of crocodile nest with our drone. Danau Gilang Field Centre

15 KM recon mission in Medan. 300 meter altitude

How to land our drone in less than 10 meter

 Nothing to do with drone, my little girl in a piano competition.

Your eyes in the sky