UAV Sales and Training

Dear valued customer,

All UAVs listed here are based on popular and proven airframe designs and equipped with high quality hardware. Each UAV is hand-built by myself and goes through extensive test-flights and fine-tuning before shipping. All models have the following capabilities:

  • High resolution imagery : 3 cm to 15 cm per pixel, depending on flight altitude (compared to 20-50 cm per pixel from conventional aerial photography, and >50 cm per pixel from satellite imagery).
  • Long range telemetry : up to 15 km, if within line-of-sight.
  • Fully automatic operation : Entire mission can be pre-programmed on a laptop and uploaded to the onboard autopilot (from take off to landing).
  • Mapping on demand : High-resolution georeferenced orthomosaic, point clouds and Digital Surface Model can be produced within a day, compared to satellite imagery acquisition which can several months. (*Note: Requires third party photogrammetry software; or contact us for additional data processing service support).
  • Economical replacement parts : All spare parts are commercially available, off-the-shelf radio control airplane components.
  • Training and technical support service available : Based in Sandakan, Sabah. Malaysia

(*Note: All UAV systems ( except 100 KM long range UAV ) will be supplied WITHOUT battery. The battery listed in the product detail is for reference only. This is to prevent our shipment to client being detained or returned because of Lipo battery issue. Notebook computer with i3 processor or better, Win 7 or Win 8 is required to run Ground Control Station Mission Planner program. Due to the constant and rapid development of UAV technology, we reserve the right to improve on the configuration and components of our system without prior notice.)

For more information, please contact  Skype : Keeyen Pang

HBS FX61 Medium-Range Video/Mapping UAV

HBS FX 61 is a compact mid range UAV. The wings span is 1500 mm and can dismantle into three smaller part ( two wings and one body ) which fit in a 82 CM (L) x 25 CM(W) x 38 CM(H) custom carry case.  It can be configure to take video using a forward looking GoPro action camera for monitoring and surveillance purpose or Canon S100 GPS for mapping mission.

It can fly up to 60 minutes but generally we always plan mission within 40 to 45 minutes with total distance  about 28 KM for safety reason. Flying at 300 meter above ground level, it can easily cover 300 Ha of land and produce geo reference map at 10 cm per pixel resolution.

The take off weight is only 1.5 KG, combine with our powerful motor make hand launch easy. The excellence wings design and low wings loading make this plane very easy to land in stabilized mode.

We highly recommend this model for novice UAV operator for it’s easy to set up and good flight characteristic.  We also offer a lite version with difference hardware for new user who prefer to test UAV technology at lower cost.  Some of our clients buy it for training purpose. The lite version is fully upgradable to Pro version.

Model HBS FX61 Pro HBS FX61 Lite
Wing span 810 mm 810 mm
Weight ready to fly 1.5 Kg 1.3 Kg
Autopilot HK Pilot 2.7/ LAE-6H GPS HK Pilot 2.7/ NEO 6M GPS
Sensor GoPro Hero 4 Black or Canon S100 GPS or similar (CHDK-modified) Mobius Actioncam/ or Canon IXUS 132 or similar (CHDK-modified)
Motor SunnySky 2814-900 kv SunnySky 2814-900 kv
Propeller APC 9 x 6 E APC 9 x 6 E
Recommended Battery (not included) 3S 5200 mAh MultiStar 3S 4000 mAh MultiStar
Servo Savox  SH 0257 MG Digital High Speed servo Hitec HS-65HB Mighty Feather Servo
Radio Futaba T8J 8 Channel Digital Proportional R/C System S-FHSS Turnigy TGY i6 radio
Data Modem RDF 900 – Ground. HK Pilot Radio – Air. 915 Mhz HK Pilot Transceiver 915 Mhz  telemetry Radio.
Accessories High-quality, custom-built carry case, Imax B6 AC Dual power Balance charger, Basic tools set Imax B6 Balance charger
Flight duration Up to 60 minutes, depending on payload and weather conditions; up to 35 km total flying distance; up to 300 ha mapping area per mission. Up to 40 minutes, depending on payload and weather conditions; up to 25 km flying distance; up to 150 ha mapping area per mission.
Price USD 3500.00 USD 1500.00

HBS 100KM Long Range Fix Wings UAV


Base on the latest Skywalker 2015 T tail design, this is the first practical long range UAV capable of 100 KM range with extra power reserve.

Our new power system with latest Lithium Ion battery technology enable this UAV to fly long range and duration while maintain the same weight as compare to our old model which only capable for 40 KM.

Skywalker is a very popular air frame for both FPV and UAV, The latest T tail design enable the horizontal stabilizer to be dismantle together with the elevator servo. It also more efficient aerodynamically compare to the old version.

  • Special arrangement will be need to ship the Lithium Ion from our factory in China. Extra freight charges will be quote base on client location.

Detail info from DIYDrones using old model Skywalker 2014 1800 air frame.



Skywalker UAV specification

WING SPAN  1800 mm/1720 mm
SENSOR Canon S100 GPS (CHDK-modified), require external power supply ( not include ) for long duration operation. Standard battery life is about 1 hour.
MOTOR SunnySky 2820 800 kv
Battery 4S4P 21000 mah Lithium Ion
SERVO Savox 0257 MG
RADIO Futaba T8J 8 Channel Digital Proportional R/C System S-FHSS
DATA MODEM RDF 900 – Ground. 3DR Radio – Air. 915 Mhz
ACCESSORIES High-quality custom-built carry case, Imax B6 Balance charger, Basic tools set
FLIGHT DURATION 180 minutes. 100 KM range
PRICE USD 4200.00

 HBS T680 Video / Mapping UAV

Base on the popular and proven Tarot 680 Pro, this hexacopter is a great choice for small area mapping mission or you simply can not find suitable take off and landing area require by fix wings UAV. It is also  good for very high resolution ( 1 CM to 3 CM per pixel ) mapping mission because of it’s ability to fly low and slow.

Our current configuration with a 6S 5200 mah battery can provide 15 minutes of flight time. You can fly up to 25 minutes with higher battery capacity.

This is a fully autonomous UAV, you just need to plan your mission with your Ground control station or 3DR Tower  apps with your android base hand phone, upload to the UAV via telemetry and it’ll fly the mission from take off to landing, automatically.







WING SPAN 680 mm
AUTOPILOT Pixhack ( A Pixhawk variance ) with M8N GPS and external compass
SENSOR Canon S100 GPS (CHDK-modified), Sony RX 100 M1, or similar
MOTOR DJI E 600 propulsion system
RECOMMENDED BATTERY (NOT INCLUDED) 6S 5200 mah or Multistar 6S 8000 Mah
Radio Futaba T8J 8 Channel Digital Proportional R/C System S-FHSS
DATA MODEM RDF 900 – Ground. 3DR Radio – Air. 915 Mhz
ACCESSORIES High-quality custom-built carry case, Imax B6 Balance charger, Basic tools set
FLIGHT DURATION 10 to 15 minutes depends on payload and weather condition
PRICE USD 3950.00

UAV Training

( For customers who have purchased our UAV system )

4-day hands-on training including :

  • Safe UAV operation.
  • Introduction to radio control airplane, basic aeronautics and radio control electronics.
  • Introduction to APM autopilot system and related components.
  • Basic radio control airplane flight training with computer flight simulator.
  • Hands-on radio control airplane training with our equipment. Emphasis on basic traffic patterns, take off and landing in autopilot-aided mode.
  • Mission planning and Ground Control Station operation and monitoring.
  • Training will be conducted at our flying field, Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia.
  • Package price : USD 1250.00

(*Note : We are also able to come out to your field site to conduct a training workshop. For such on-site field training, additional mobilization and outstation charges will be quoted based on location. Flights, accommodation, visa, transportation and customs duty,  if any, to be paid by the customer.)

Coming soon………..

HBS MTD long range mapping UAV

Capable to fly for 150 KM WITH on board camera.  1500 Ha at 10 cm per pixel resolution mapping mission IS possible for each flight.

Sneak peek…




HBS T810 High endurance multirotor

Design to fly slow and low with a flight duration of 30 minutes,  a single flight can travel for 12 KM. You can map 100 Ha @ 10 cm per pixel resolution  without worry  take off and landing place.

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