A Minister witness our drone demo at Mount Kinabalu

10 June 2015

Kinabalu 3

A few days after the most severe earthquake  at Mount Kinabalu, we are call to fly a mapping mission at the mountain area. Little did we know that the Minister of Multi Media and Telecommunication were there for a briefing related to the disaster. The Minister want to use drone for fast and accurate assessment of the affected area and we fly a demo flight for him.




After the demo, we fly a mapping mission at Laban Rata. This is the most difficult UAV mission I’ve encounter. Our drone fail to take off due to thin air at high altitude where our take off point is 1800 meter above sea level. After some modification, we try the mission again next day. This time it take off successfully, climb another 2400 meter before reaching Laban Rata. I think  my drone had dug deep in it’s pocket, there was one stretch where it apply full throttle and up elevator but it continue to sink for 30 meter. Wind and turbulence was quite tough there.  35 minutes later it return safely to the base.


This video is generated using the images taken by the drone.

Some interesting images taken by the drone during the mission

Kinabalu Kinabalu 2 Kinabalu 1