HBS FX 79 Demo in IJM Plantation Bhd

Should you curious how I look and sounds like, this video should serve the purpose  : )

HBS FX 79 long range video/Mapping UAV is our latest system with long range and endurance capability. It can easily fly for one hour and a total range of about 50 KM depends on weather condition.

Flying at 300 meter with a Canon S100 GPS camera on board, we used to cover 500 to 600 Ha per mission flight. It can carry more battery for even longer flight time and range, but personally I feel that an hour of flight time is just nice for typical mapping operation. For some reason, our CHDK hack Canon S 100 can operate for the most 59 minutes, anything more than that it will not shut down when the time is due. Landing with the camera still operating will most likely hurt the lens retract mechanism. Putting more battery will also increase weight and make hand launch more difficult.

This UAV system is more suitable for advance user who have previous experience in UAV operation especially the ability to manually land the drone. Being a flying wing design, it will require more space and skill to land it properly.

For new user, we highly recommend our Skywalker base UAV or FX 61 base UAV. Both are very user friendly and easy to control.